SPECIAL REPORT: 3 Tools For An $880,000 TFSA

I am excited to announce that I have just released the 2017 version (completely revised and updated) of the Special Report: 3 Tools For An $880,000 TFSA.

Why the need for a Special Report?

One of the #1 threats to your future retirement income is high fees.

And unfortunately, Canada has the highest investment management fees in the world.

“Canadians are allowing themselves to be gouged, and losing a great deal of their own retirement income in the process.”

—Amanda Lang, CBC

True story. 

Even a difference of 1% – 2% a year can mean the difference of $75,000/year in retirement or $108,000/year in retirement.

$75,000 a year or $108,000 a year, each and every year for 30 – 40 years?

Do you think an extra $32,000 a year for 30 – 40 years would make a difference as to where you live, what you eat, where you travel—if you travel?

What’s in the Special Report?

In the report, I give you three tools to create and manage an $880,000 TFSA (or any tax sheltered investment portfolio, i.e. RRSP).

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I will share with you examples of ultra-low fees, diversified exchange traded funds (ETFs).

These ETFs have annual management fees that are a fraction (some even 1/20!) of the annual fees paid by the average Canadian mutual fund investor.


I will let you know where you can purchase these (or any other!) exchange traded funds (ETFs) commission free.

You read that correctly! Yes, there is an option for Canadian investors to build a portfolio of any size (even $1,000,000) of low-fee, diversified ETFs, without paying a single commission.


Finally, I will share with you a 100% FREE tool that will allow you to track and manage your ever growing TFSA, including interest, dividends, and capital gains.

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Key Takeaways:

  • High fee mutual funds are one of the most dangerous trends facing Canadian investors today.
  • Over 20 – 30 years, lowering your investment costs by just 2% can add hundreds of thousands of dollars to your portfolio.
  • You can decrease fees without compromising returns.

Do not miss your chance to download this absolutely FREE report:

3 Tools For an $880,000 TFSA.

This is the Special Report the mutual fund industry does not want you to read!

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Downloading the report, 3 Tools For an $880,000 TFSA gives you instant access to Investing Bootcamp, a free 30-day course for new investors.

That’s right!

For a limited time only, I am offering both the Special Report: 3 Tools For An $800,000 TFSA and the 30-day course for new investors, Investing Bootcamp, absolutely free.

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BONUS: The Special Report includes access to Investing Bootcamp, a free 3-day course for new investors.

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