ETFs—What the Heck?
A FEW WORDS ON ETFS A few years ago, at age 42, I started gardening.  I know, a bit of a late bloomer (pun intended!). I read a few blogs, bought a few plants, something called Miracle Gro, a big sh...
Pay Off Debt—or Save?
A question I often receive to Ask Nanci is, “I’ve just received a bonus/tax refund/lump sum, and I’m wondering if I should use it to pay off my debt or if I should start an emergency fund?” T...
Three Investing Myths
I have heard many reasons women put off starting to invest (or participating more in the management of their portfolios) but the following three are by far the most common. 1. It is too complicated t...
Just Found Out How High Your Mutual Fund Fees Are?
Looking for a next step?  Many of the people I work with are shocked to learn the true cost of mutual fund fees in Canada. Between the load fees, any DSC redemption charges and the average MER o...
Ask Nanci: How much do I pay my financial advisor?
I received the following question (via Ask Nanci) from Debbie in Saskatoon: Can you help me understand how my financial advisor gets paid?  I don’t see fees on my account statements and I&...
A Few Words On DSC Funds
Anyone that has ever worked with me, knows that I am not a fan of mutual funds—especially in Canada. There are several reasons, the top three being: Active management almost never beats passi...
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