CAPS 2015, Halifax—Investing Bootcamp Resources Page

Welcome, CAPS 2015 attendees! 



Thank you or attending my session:  

nanci murdockWhat to do with all those Speakers’ Fees? Investing Bootcamp for Professional Speakers

I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many of you, both at the presentation and at the PODS and events.  My first CAPS Convention was a complete success and transformational experience—I look forward to one day being able to join your fabulous Association.

OK, on to business!  If you are looking for DIY Investing Resources, you are in the right place. 

Click on the below links to access your resources: 

» Investing Bootcamp for Professional Speakers: Slide Deck

» Investing Bootcamp for Professional Speakers: Next Steps Roadmap 

» Mutual Funds versus TFSA Cheat Sheet

External Resources: 

» MoneySense magazine on Facebook (excellent daily reading in your FB newsfeed!) 

» MoneySense Magazine guide to fee-only financial planners

» Best book to listen to while traveling:  Money, by Tony Robbins (Click here to view on

» For the Rutgers University Risk Tolerance Quiz visit this link

Coming Soon! (next 2-3 weeks) 

Watch for:  Sample ETF Portfolios! 

And: The Ultimate End-All-Be-All Definitive Guide to the TFSA


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Be well and invest wisely!