Investing 101

How To Invest - Rebalancing


You know how when you start keeping a food journal, Apps like MyFitnessPal will give you a nutrition template to start from – something that (together with eat less, move more) will get you healthier and closer to any weight loss goal.

Screenshot 2014-11-12 14.30.20

But that (if you are anything like me), left to your own devices, after a month your personal results probably look more like this: 

Screenshot 2014-11-12 14.50.30

And when you finally see this pie-chart (no pun intended), you think something like, “Wow, enough with the bagels, pizza and fettuccini – time to rebalance my food intake back to something that will give me a fighting chance to lose ten 40 pounds.  


Then you know everything you need to know about rebalancing. 

In addition to low fees and diversification, rebalancing is super important to maximizing your investment returns over time (how much time? Think 20 – 40 years).  

Stay tuned and we’ll walk through, step-by-step, the why and the how.