Jaimie Investing Plan



$100,000 Royal Bank

  • fund choices to be determined with an RBC mutual fund manager

$110,000 Wealthsimple

review Opening your Wealthsimple account lesson

(Jaimie, I chose $110,000 just so you would for sure qualify for Wealthsimple Black, which gets you access to lower fees (0.6% vs 0.7%), Financial Planning session(s), and the airport lounge access!

Link to have first $10,000 managed for free http://wsim.co/lbkoqbq (I have sent you an email invite as well; both links will work…)


$300,000 Questrade

$200,000 recommended for Purpose High-Yield Savings ETF (click here to learn more about PSA)


$100,000 for ETF portfolio

review Portfolio Construction Lesson

review Opening your Questrade Account lesson