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Course Outline:



Lesson 1

A Primer on Compound Interest[/lessonssection][lessonssection]

Lesson 2

Mutual Funds 101[/lessonssection][lessonssection]

Lesson 3

An Introduction to ETFs[/lessonssection][lessonssection]

Lesson 4

Understanding the Dreaded MER[/lessonssection][lessonssection]

Lesson 5

Bonds? I’ll take one, Thanks![/lessonssection][lessonssection]

Lesson 6

So You Want to Own Stocks? Me too![/lessonssection][lessonssection]

Lesson 7

Why Asset Allocation will be Your Most Important Decision[/lessonssection][lessonssection]

Lesson 8

Addressing the Question I am Asked Most: RRSP or TFSA?[/lessonssection][lessonssection]

Bonus Lesson

Why Dividends Should be your new BFF[/lessonssection]