Investor Toolkit

Congratulations and welcome to your Investor Toolkit!

The Investor Toolkit includes the following three tool (see below for instructions on accessing each): 

  1. Special Report: 3 Tools for an $880,000 TFSA
  2. RRSP or TFSA? The Ultimate End-All-Be-All Definitive Guide
  3. Investing Bootcamp: a FREE 30-Day Training for New Investors
  4. BONUS: The Awesome Portfolio Checklist, 9 Steps for a Better Performing Investment Portfolio

To download your Special Report, Guide, and Checklist, click the text, button or images links in the following sections for each:

1. Special Report: 3 Tools for an $880,000 TFSA

I created this Special Report because I don’t believe Canadian women understand just how large a role the TFSA can play in their well-deserved, comfortable retirement. Click here to download »

The TFSA is all grown up, don’t skip this must read Special Report!

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2. RRSP or TFSA: The Ultimate End-All-Be-All Definitive Guide

RRSP icon guide largeThe most common question I am asked is RRSP or TFSA—which one is best? Now, in this ultimate end-all-be-all definitive guide, I finally answer the question once and for all. Sort of.  Click here to download »

In all seriousness, if you’ve had questions about RRSP or TFSA, you will find answers in this guide.

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3. Investing Bootcamp, a free 30-day course for new investors.

Covering everything from asset allocation, diversification, mutual funds, inflation, RRSPs, and much, much more—you are going to LOVE this course. (over 2000 women have already completed the Bootcamp!)

Your first lesson for Investing Bootcamp, A Free 30-Day Training for New Investors, should be in your inbox now!

3. The Awesome Portfolio Checklist, 9 Steps to a Better Performing Investment Portfolio

Previously only ever provided to my Coaching clients, I decided to share this Checklist with subscribers to my mailing list (which is you!).  Click here to download »

Use this document to build and maintain an investment portfolio that will outperform 90% of the portfolios held by Canadian investors.

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Enjoy the Special Report, Guide, 30-day Free Training, and Checklist.  If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to me at nanci @ themoneycoach dot com.


Looking for the MasterClass?

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Go Premium: Invest in Yourself

Join the 100+ women who have enrolled in Zero to Portfolio, An Investment MasterClass, learning the exact steps to building a low-fee, diversified portfolio. Sign up today »

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