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Top Fears and Concerns from my Coaching clients

Does any of the below resonate with you?

Are you concerned you might lack the financial knowledge and experience to make informed investment decisions?

Do you feel overwhelmed by financial concepts and aspects of building an investment portfolio?

Are you afraid of losing your hard-earned money and hesitant to invest in riskier assets? Lorem ipsum dolor.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur. Do you believe that investing is like gambling?

Are you nervous about dealing with financial professionals or navigating the investment industry?

Are you overly hesitant and worried about missing investment opportunities?


Fern Long
Nanci was a massive help to me after my divorce. I paid off my credit card debt, started investing in my 401k and IRA, and saved six months of emergency funds. I am also pursuing my passion for creating art (and, with Nanci's support, gaining the confidence to set up an online portfolio!)
Jen Chapman
Naturopath and Nutritionist
I cannot express enough gratitude for the investing coaching I received from Nanci. Before working with her, I felt lost and overwhelmed when managing my finances and making even the smallest investment decisions. She provided a safe space to ask questions, and I am much more confident in building a portfolio and seeing my investments grow over time.

About Nanci

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Money Coaching Sessions

Are you struggling to overcome the next hurdle on your financial journey? Coaching with Nanci can help!

Over one or two 50-minute sessions, we'll assess where your finances are, gain some action points and return for a check-in to ensure you're on track to hit your goals.

$220 USD for 1 session or $380 USD for 2 (save $60!)

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