Investing Bootcamp

A free, 9-lesson training that has helped over 2000 new investors (mostly women!)
learn how to invest on their own. Ready to join?

Jacqueline Sinfield
Author, Untapped Brilliance

Nanci’s knowledge and vibrant energy shine throughout every lesson of this course. She makes complex concepts easy to understand and a potentially boring topic fascinating. I have learned so much. The content is compelling and made me want to take action straight away. It’s awesome!

For years, I’ve coached with women on starting to invest or understanding  their existing portfolios— many who had recently found themselves with a large sum of money from divorce, house sale or a annual bonus from work.

It never ceased to amaze me how many of these brilliant and intelligent women assumed that going to the bank would be their best course of action.

When I moved 100% into money coaching, I started to have conversations with many, many more women and was shocked to realize how many women were holding six-figure portfolios, chock full with high-fee mutual funds. It was these conversations that made me realize what my clients needed from me was better (and independent!) investor literacy.

And with these eight lessons (+bonus!) I’ve prepared for you, I’ve delivered. You will learn the basics of financial markets, including asset allocation, RRSP or TFSA, and mutual funds vs. ETFs. More than enough to get started building a portfolio of your own, or to better communicate with your Financial Advisor. You will not be disappointed!

About The Teacher

I’m Nanci Murdock, and for the last two decades, I’ve been teaching people how to invest. I started out as a Financial Advisor in Victoria, B.C., and, after several successful years, relocated to Montreal, Q.C., to join BCA Research, the world’s largest provider of independent investment research.

I loved this course! Nanci is funny and entertaining, but I still learned so much. I can't believe Bootcamp is free.

Melissa Vandekerkhove
Director, Ministry of Health

Why Bootcamp?

I loved my time at BCA, but I am fanatical about teaching Canadians to invest, on their own, and without a financial advisor. So many investors (myself included for several years) are holding mutual funds with complicated, hidden and high fees. This course will show you there is a better way.

I want learning the basics of investing to be available to everyone in a safe, nonjudgmental space. If you are interested in coaching, visit this link. Otherwise, enjoy my free 9-mail investing course.

Here’s What You’ll Learn...

I’ve designed this course to give you a start-to-finish roadmap for learning to invest. Each lesson is short, value-packed, and takes about 7-10 minutes to read. I’ve also included an action step with each lesson that will help you get started in building your investment portfolio.

Lesson 1
A Primer on Compound Interest
Lesson 2
Mutual Funds 101
Lesson 3
An Introduction to ETFs
Lesson 4
Understanding the Dreaded MER
Lesson 5
Bonds? I’ll take one, Thanks!
Lesson 6
So You Want to Own Stocks? Me too!
Lesson 7
Why Asset Allocation will be Your Most Important Decision
Lesson 8
Addressing the Question I am Asked Most: RRSP or TFSA?
Lesson 9
Addressing the Question I am Asked Most: RRSP or TFSA?
Bonus Lesson
Why Dividends Should be your new BFF

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